AUSPEX, Discipline

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AUSPEX, Discipline

Post  Aelius on Thu May 15, 2008 1:24 pm

O Heightened Senses ~ same as book.

OO Aura Perception ~ same as book.

OOOThe Spirits Touch ~ same as book.

OOOO Telepathy ~ same as book.

OOOOO Psychic Projection ~ same as book.

OOOOOO Clairvoyance ~ To you this power, spend a willpower trait and one round concentrating on a familiar target, then make a simple test. With success, you may perceive everything that happens around the chosen subject. The user may use other powers of auspex, doing so with regular challenges. While under the effects of this discipline the user must bid two additional physical traits for any physical test that occur in your actual immediate surroundings.

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