House Fire

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House Fire

Post  Sebastian on Fri Jul 11, 2008 3:16 pm

I, Sebastian Cole, Primogen of Clan Gangrel, wants some answers.
I was shock the other night when I could not contact Mr. Wolf. His Number was no longer in Service. So I decide to go by his home. When I pulled up I was more shocked to see it destroyed. Burned to the ground. I have looked for Mr. Wolf. And I could not find any trace of him. Mr. Wolf was an upstanding member of this city and the Camarilla.

What is even more shocking there barely any mention in the media of a fire. Where is the outcry? Were are the howling Fanatics ? Where is the rest of Clan Tremere? A member of your clan disappears and you say nothing ?
Mr. Wolf is acknowledged and Praised throughout the Camarilla, he was deemed Trustworthy and Esteemed.If this high status member of the city can disappear without notice, who is next. Mr. Yarrow? Mr. Mauser ? Myself? Prince Wall?

So if you have any information on this matter please contact me

Yours Truly for now Sebastian Cole, Primogen of Saint John

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Re: House Fire

Post  Kar Mauser on Fri Jul 11, 2008 3:28 pm

Mr Cole I do believe Mr. Wolf is safe for now. If not then I am sorry for the mis-information.

As for the outcry. Best if such things are left to settle down in the mortal eyes rather than draw more attention to it.
Kar Mauser

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