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Post  ED Wall on Thu Jul 17, 2008 7:37 pm

To the domain of Saint John
Those of you not involved with Mr. Caffeys actions , will not be persecuted or thought ill of , Mr. Caffey may want to start mass chaos and clan strife, I urge all to think before you act , Mr. Caffey is the progeny of an archon and the grandchild of a justicar ,I can't say how they will react to the destruction of several elysium sites ,and the attack on several status members of the camarilla or the possible breaching of the masquerade , but Caffeys actions reflect on them. Know this as well Caffey was given the full hospitality in these elysiums ,while being questioned about his treasonous statements , and he was released with the knowledge that his punishment was not yet determined. His rash actions are diging his hole deeper , I ask you to think before you jump in after him .
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