Notice to all that are scared.

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Notice to all that are scared.

Post  Dylon on Fri Jul 18, 2008 1:59 am

I Dylon of the gangrel clan and sheriff to the Prince of the city and to those I feel I help protect would like evryone to know that I am doing my best during these few night of chaos that willl do my part to help stabilize and make sure that no one is futher endangered and will help any and all that feel their life is in danger. On that note These night have prompted The city's Prince Prince Wal to offical request through me that Mr. Caffey of Clan Brujah contact me as soon as possible for the acts going on in the city We aren't acusing Mr. Caffey of any crime at this time but feel he can shed light to a already chaotic situation and help stabilize the city. with any and all infomation. PLease anyone contact me through those of postion that can contact me if anyone has information to lend to this investagtion. The sooner things settle down the sooner we can move forward for all members of the domain..

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