Blood Hunt

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Blood Hunt

Post  ED Wall on Sat Jul 19, 2008 3:30 pm

It now comes to my attention the actual reason for Mr. Wolfs departure from the domain. Mr. Wolf , Mr. Mauser , Mr Caffey , Mr.Cole , and Mr Kone met to discus issues pertinent to the domain . At some point Mr. Mauser suggested a praxis seizure .Of those present Mr.Cole and Mr Kone remaind loyal to the domain, and it appeared that Mr. Wolf was as well .
In a private conversation Mr. Caffey offered to destroy myself and the sheriff Dylon, if Mr.Cole would claim praxis . Mr. Cole came to me with this information . Later that evening I and Mr. Caffey spoke in the elysium haven ( the mansion ) I informed Mr. Caffey that I was aware of his treasonis statements and that, I as of yet, had not decided on a punishment for him . He left the elysium . Mr. Mauser was then questioned and again told that his punishment would be decided at anther time , when I had time to take in the whole scope of the matter . Mr Wolf was then question , it didn't appear at the time that he statement in there meeting were treason'is .Later that night the Irish gang hit the docks and several other locations in the city , including two elysium sites.
In the subsequent nights after the fires Mr. Wolf approached the seneschal Yarrow and the keeper of elysium Mr. Kone with more plots of praxis and my murder. When his sceaming and manipulations failed , he fled the city .
It may seem like a moot point , but I Prince Edward Wall declare a Blood Hunt on Roman Augustus Wolf formerly of clan Tremere now caitiff. Any who find him in the domain of Saint John have the right of final destruction on him , and if he is brought to me staked will earn a major boon.

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