Words of the Knew Prince of St. John.

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Words of the Knew Prince of St. John.

Post  Dylon on Thu Jul 24, 2008 1:42 am

Kindred of St. Jon I am Dylon former sheriff of hte domain I am now the Prince ofhte city the former Prince Edward Wall was unfortinately killed lastinght at eh FAILED pratius attempt of Mr. Caffey Mr. Caffey killed the Prince and was killed in doing so himself I am YOUR Prince and this attempt unfortunate to loose one Prince and hte other Prince all in the same evening has resulted in Me stepppping upand declaring this domain MIne. and I shall protect those here and the 1st of many things is to start to rebuild the city all are welcome for now even clan Tremere. My status is that graned as Prince and Fearless and Feared. I will gladly talk to all those at a appropreate time as I have gone through quit an ordeal trying to save the former Prince Mr. Edward Wall. I look foreard to starting over and hoping things go better for a bright future for all of us.

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