My council of adviors

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My council of adviors

Post  Dylon on Thu Jul 24, 2008 2:07 am

I Dylon of Clan Gangrel the Prince of the Domain here by am reforming he postions of Primgeon

Ventrue will remain hte same Mr Lipwig
Nosferatu Clauia
Brujha. Mr. Presscott
Toreador is vacant atm.
Gangrel is Vacant do to the disappearnce of Sabestian Cole but will be filled if he is alive still
There is no Tremere at this time but I do hope to fill the postion at a future date
Malcavin is vacant at this time aswell but will be filled soon I assure you

I intend to have the city have there representatives. but these are them at the moment.

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