Poor little Eddie

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Poor little Eddie

Post  Kar Mauser on Thu Jul 24, 2008 10:05 am

ST CALL ~ These are rumours around Elysium, please be aware of that. They are not directly from Mauser.

Stuff heard around the elysium the weeks following the demise of Ed Wall and Black Finn Caffey.

~Poor little Eddie certainly was too big for his breeches.

~Perhaps the current prince will not delude himself as his predecessor had.

~Some have suggested that Dylon was in league with Mr. Caffey and supported his praxis and then did away with the "usurper" when the deed was done. I however find that accusation absurd. The gangrel does not seem to have the requirements for that grandiose a scheme.

~I wonder if Mr. Caffey was the unfortunate subject of diablarie. Speaking of diabolical, have you tasted the potato soup at that new restaurant. Oh what was its name......

~I was thinking of sending some flowers to convey my condolences to Mr. Caffeys brood. Do potato plants have flower?
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