PRESENCE, Discipline

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PRESENCE, Discipline

Post  Aelius on Thu May 15, 2008 1:51 pm

O Awe ~ same as book.

OO Dread Gaze ~ same as book.

OOO Entrancement ~ same as book.

OOOO Summon ~ same as book.

OOOOO Majesty ~ same as book.

OOOOOO Paralyzing Glance ~ You must make eye contact to use this power on the intended subject, then make a social challenge; if successful your target is reduced to a gibbering panic stricken wreck. The effect lasts as long as you remain focused on your subject. If you leave their immediate presence the affects wear off after a few minutes. If the subjectís life is threatened he may attempt to snap out of it by making a static mental challenge. If he succeeds the paralysis ends, if not he enters frenzy for 10 minutes.

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