PROTEAN, Discipline

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PROTEAN, Discipline

Post  Aelius on Thu May 15, 2008 1:57 pm

O Eyes of the Beast ~ same as book.

OO Feral Claws ~ same as book.

OOO Earth Meld ~ same as book.

OOOO Shape of the Beast ~ Fight form grants 3 additional physical traits, your natural attacks deal 2 damage<1 agg + 1 lethal>, +1 step of movement and acute smell. Flight form halves your physical traits<round up>, you gain acute hearing and flight. While using this discipline you also gain feral and bestial. This power costs one blood and takes three turns, additional blood may be spent to speed up to change.

OOOOO Mist Form ~ same as book.

OOOOOO Earth Move ~ A character who has earth melded and has this power may move within the earth as if swimming through water. This power is automatically in effect while you are earth melded. You cannot see underground, but you do gain a supernatural sense of your underground surroundings up to 50 yards away. Water, rock, cement, tree roots and other obstacles block your progress; you may only move through earth and other similar substances.

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