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Post  Aelius on Wed May 21, 2008 11:53 am

Format for downtime actions.

I'm looking for substance. Writing down the action of 'I learn brawl' will not get you much. I'm more so looking for you to tell me what you want to do. I'm looking for your actions and character goals, not your experience goals.

I'm looking for something along the lines of how you spend all your time at the docks, working alongside the dock workers and getting involved in union politics with the other guys there. This would warrant some transport influence and perhaps a physical trait. Saying "I work on dominate" will not get you much.

I just really want to stress how I want 'character actions', not what points you want to get on your character sheet. This is all about 'character development', and 'character sheet development' comes in second to that.

On average... and this is me just guessing. But I'm going to say that an average of maybe 2 experience a week will be the norm. Again, stun me with character development, and you may end up with more.

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