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"Status is about expectations. Do I think our Esteemed, Gentile, Sophisticated and Revered Primogen is *capable* of tearing you limb from limb and leaving you as a bloody husk waiting for the sun? Of course I do, she's hundreds of years old and considers you about as useful to her as toilet paper. It just isn't what I'd expect."

Status defines the level of respect a Kindred has within Camarilla Society. It determines the weight with which a Kindred's word should be regarded, as well as the "pecking order" within Kindred society. It is a resume of adjectives that define character, position, and standing in the Camarilla. Simply put, those with more status can demand respect from, or even ignore, those with less. In cases where there is a dispute between Kindred and the evidence is lacking, Status, and who has more of it, is often the deciding factor in who is right.

Within the Camarilla, there are many things that define a Vampire. The following adjectives are a sample of the most common forms of Camarilla Status: Acknowledged, Admired, Adored, Cherished, Esteemed, Exalted, Famous, Faultless, Feared, Honorable, Influential, Just, Praised, Respected, Revered, Trustworthy, Well-Connected, and Well-Known.

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