January 21st, 1991

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January 21st, 1991 Empty January 21st, 1991

Post  Aelius on Thu Aug 21, 2008 12:53 pm

A case for the record books

After a long and exhausting process, the Canadian court system has finally concluded the case against the famous Irving company. Kenneth Irving and the company were found guilty of high treason against the country and numerous acts of fraudulent activity. Numerous company officials are serving high jail times and the Irving family is wanted by the Canadian Government. All properties and holdings have been seized by the government and are now being sold off in pieces to numerous companies across the country.

The local Martello building was recently sold to a local business man who intends to turn it into a hotel while maintaining and restoring it's vintage character and appeal. "The Oceana" is set to open sometime this year.

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