August 17th, 1991

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August 17th, 1991 Empty August 17th, 1991

Post  Aelius on Thu Aug 28, 2008 1:13 pm

After a few minor set backs the Oceana has officially opened. The new owner Vincent Catrell was on site for teh grand opening party which was kicked off with a ribbon cutting ceremony with the mayor of the city. Mr Catrell then held a lavish affair in the main floor restaurant and ball room of the vintage style establishment.

The entire hotel is themed after the 50's complete with bellhops in autehntic uniforms of the time period. The hotel boasts 30 floors in as the tallest building in the downtown sector with a 500 person capacity ballroom and fully capable kitchen as well. Rates are rather hgih end but spokesmen for Mr Catrell said that the price is well worth the experience.

Mr Catrell spent the evening hob knobbing with some rather important people as local celebrities and officials from the city mingled with dignataries from around the area and even a few prominent people from as far as New York and Boston.

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