Anouncments I made reguarding status at the court gathering

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Anouncments I made reguarding status at the court gathering

Post  Arthur Arrow on Sun Aug 31, 2008 9:43 pm

I hereby give Mr. Smith the status of Devoted. Mr. Smith has earned this status by showing his willingness to work for the benefit of this domain, and exceeding the duties of his position. More specifically, he very diligently investigated the murders of the masquerade ball. I am pleased to report that these crimes were not perpetrated by a kindred currently residing in our domain. It is most likely that the perpetrator resides in Halifax.

I hereby give the status of Resourceful to Mr. Lipwig. This is in recognition for the great success he has had developing, and improving this city. His successes are directly responsible for the surge in population, jobs, investment, and wealth within the domain. As you can see, his actions have benefited all of us.

I would like to make my Respect for Mr. Cole known to all. Mr. Cole has lost more than most in this domain, and yet he has agreed to stay and serve all of us in the position of Deputy Sheriff. I hereby temporarily gift my status of Respected to Mr. Cole, and I ask that you show him the respect he deserves.
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