The last gathering

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The last gathering Empty The last gathering

Post  Arthur Arrow on Sun Sep 07, 2008 11:16 am

I would like to everyone who attended my last court gathering. I was very glad to see everyone.

For those that were not there, I will leave the following message at the Jazz Hole.

The gangrel clan has left the camarilla. Some cities, such as Chicogo have banished them from the domain, and are actively hunting down any of their kind spotted within their domain. I have not yet determined how to proceed in this domain. I am awaiting the primogen council's suggestion. Until a further announcement is made, I would to remind everyone that Mr. Cole is acknowledged within this domain, and unless he breaches our traditions, he is still protected by the tradition of destruction. The Camarilla is not something that can be abandoned, all kindred are subject to the rule of the Camarilla, and those that forsake the traditions, will receive punishment.
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The last gathering Empty My humble opinion.

Post  Guest on Sun Sep 07, 2008 5:10 pm

I definitely enjoyed the last gathering. We got some pieces of business done and things once again moved forward for the city. However, It would be nicer if we could somehow mange to get more interest in these events. It seems that those who have not made it and had to suffered the effects of things that happened there are some what dissatisfied with things. However, one must remember that if you do not attend court you have no recourse. So the fact that Mr. Mauser seems to think that he is owed courtesy seems to be a little bit of wasted time.

Still I have to encourage people to show up. When you are not a court your voice can not be heard.


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