A change to the 'Holdings' background

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A change to the 'Holdings' background

Post  Aelius on Fri Sep 12, 2008 2:30 pm

I'm going to be making a slight change to the holdings background when the game goes live. It will no longer be used as "3 different backgrounds" that can be accessed through it. I'm not certain what I'll be changing it too but I've found it to be slightly too powerful as the ruling stands now. It will still be beneficial, but not as much as it currently is.

What I'm thinking of doing is just making them actual holdings. When you purchase your first dot you'll specify what you want it to be. More then likely I'll jsut make them more secure locations with perhaps one additional benefit as well.

So it can have a greater security level and the holding itself will have access to retainers as security guards.
Or it will have some personal resources and some access to transport influence.
Basically I'm thinking of making it a more specific generated background and not just 3 backgrounds within one.

Those who currently have holdings, I'll most likely just change them over to teh new rules once the game goes live and we'll sit down and talk about them an what you want them to do.

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