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Post  Aelius on Thu Oct 02, 2008 11:33 am

There is a Firefly LARP going on in Saskatoon this weekend. It looks like there will be a ton of people going as it has upwards to 70 people or so in attendance. It's all pre-made cahracters, and they don't have many left, these are the open slots remaining.

Dewitt Lee - Liang's younger brother, Dewitt was crippled fighting the Alliance early during the Unification War. He still seems to get around fine and some say the damage was more to his ego than his body; the fact remains that he hasn't really worked since the war except for a little bit of helping out on the Lee ranch, and has gotten steadily more bitter.

Robert "Bob" Franks - Some folk say that Bob was injured during a mining accident during the early days of the mine, others say he was hurt during the war, and others simply think he was born not quite right. Bob gets along though, working cleaning at the Hotel for Fox, as well as taking it upon himself to act as caretaker for Boomtown's small church. Bob may occasionally be pitied by the townsfolk and is occasionally the subject of ridicule, but he works hard and is never afraid of pitching in which wins him more affection than a stranger to the town might guess.

Emma Frost - The bank manager's wife, Emma clearly was envisioning a life in a high rise condominium on Londinum instead of in a dusty town like Boomtown when she married someone in banking. She cares for her husband though and tries not to make a stink about it, even as she gets teased by the rustics for "putting on airs".

Walter Kubata - Mr. Kubata is Governor Dawkins personal assistant. He usually tries to blend into the background, but can become surprisingly animated when someone tries to get in the Governor's face. Normally though he is quiet and dangerously efficient.

Corporal Derek Donovan - A medic assigned to Lt Fang's fed squad, Donovan is a lifer who isn't terribly enamored of his career in the military, but doesn't really see himself doing anything else at this point either.

Sakda Crossingham - Sakda was a teamster driving one of the mules that was part of a convoy from the otherside of Paquin that got hit by the bandits that sometimes strike near Boomtown. Seems some of Sakda's coworkers got the notion in them to fight, and the encounter turned bloody - only three members of the convoy came back alive, and Sakda's the only one unwounded. Sakda's been in town drinking ever since.

Norman Li Englewood - A traveling salesman, Englewood claims that most of his goods are for entertainment only, despite advertising his products as being capable of some pretty remarkable feats - devices to contact the dead, potions, fortune telling and a few mundane items like fireworks. Most think this is pretty much just a disclaimer pasted onto a pretty traditional snake oil salesman, but there are rumours it is actually all an act to cover up an actual business he is trying to keep under the Alliance radar.

I'm thinking about going up but jsut can't seem to get excited about it even though I totally adore and love Firefly. Anyways, I thought I would post this up and see if anyone here would want to go.

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