Rules Of Elysium

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Rules Of Elysium

Post  Guest on Tue Jun 03, 2008 3:23 pm

Rule One:

Violence will never be tolerated and always punished. Only the sheriff in the performance of his duties is able to commit violent acts. Crimes of this nature will immediately be taken before the prince to decide upon the appropriate punishment.

Rule Two: Appearance

There is only one real rule governing how one can appear in the Elysium. If your dress would draw undo attention in public you should not wear it to an Elysium. Examples of this include obvious weapons where if others can see the weapon you probably should not have it in Elysium. Same goes for weird forms of Dress if we expect to hide wearing our ceremonial robes with skull decorations is probably going to attract a whole lot of unwanted attention.

Rule Three:

Disciplines are not banned in the Elysium but their use may be considered rude. When someone has used a discipline while offending someone they are entitled from a boon from the offender and a trivial boon will be owed to the keeper for mocking his Elysium. Of course this does come down to someone complaining about the use of the discipline and the uses that are not complained about will go unpunished. As Elysium is a public place the use of Obfuscate will be fine for any of its purposes in the general gathering area and using it to spy on others will only be considered offensive if they have requested a private room.

Rule Four:

As the general area of the Elysiums are open to the mortal populace feeding around them will not be allowed. This goes for all kindred and anyone found breaking this rule will be immediately taken before the Prince to have his fate decided.

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