The Traitorous Mr. Tate

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The Traitorous Mr. Tate Empty The Traitorous Mr. Tate

Post  Arthur Arrow on Wed Jan 21, 2009 3:51 pm

Mr. Tate of clan Tremere will hereby be known as Traitorous. He has earned this negative status by aiding the blood hunted Mr. Wolf. His actions resulted in Mr. Wolf escaping from the domain without being destroyed. His actions also compromised our efforts to remove the demon and his four horsemen from this domain. Before Mr. Wolf's actions, we had tracked down the Four Horseman's haven, and were preparing an attack against them. Now this will not be possible.

We are all going to suffer from Mr. Tate's actions, and I ask that you join me in reminding Mr. Tate by treating him like the traitorous creature that he is.
Arthur Arrow
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