The Primogen Council is Disolved

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The Primogen Council is Disolved Empty The Primogen Council is Disolved

Post  Arthur Arrow on Wed Jan 21, 2009 3:57 pm

I hereby dissolve the primogen council. To date, the council has been infective in offering me advise for the many issues this domain has faced.

As there is no primogen council, there is also no Harpy. I will be fulfilling this role. As such, I ask that everyone write me a note indicating your status, and a brief description on how you obtained this status. I will be verifying all status with harpies in your previous domains, and Mr. Quin.

As far as boons are concerned, I will address any disputes you may have. It is not required that you inform me of your previous boons, but all future boons should be registered with me, along with their repayment.
Arthur Arrow
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