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Terror of the Town Empty Terror of the Town

Post  Aelius on Tue Jan 27, 2009 3:37 pm

Tuesday January 27th

Last night was a hectic night for city police as an enraged man wreaked havoc through the west end of the city. The huge man was said to be nearly 8 feet tall by witnesses and looked like 'The Hulk', from teh popular comic series.

City officials are at a loss as to what occurred or how one single man was able to cause so much destruction and death. Police report that the man was shot several times yet wasn't going down, it is believed that the man was wearing protective gear at the time.

The man was last seen going into a local residence where a standoff occurred as police surrounded the home. Moments later the house exploded into a blaze as it is believed a random shot ignited a gas line within the house. It is believed that the suspect was killed in the explosion though the police are still investigating the remains.

Fifteen local citizens are reported dead with as many as twice that injured and in the hospital. Three police officers are among the desceased, including Richard Aiken, a captain with the special response unit.

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