The "traitorious" Mr. Tate Speaks

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The "traitorious" Mr. Tate Speaks Empty The "traitorious" Mr. Tate Speaks

Post  Andrew Tate on Sat Jan 31, 2009 3:42 am

via ghoul who delivers a 72" plasma screen T.V. and Blu-Ray player.

So you deem me traitorious. Very well. Be it known that I DO NOT live within your domain. Contacting me will now be more difficult than ever. And well as you wish. Your on your own with this demon and his minions.
I personally advised the Prince of letting the horsemen entrench themselves within their building was a bad idea. In addition that my Lord, which one would think is a much higher standing in the Camarilla stated that "We can save Mr. Wolfe" stands more in trust than a Prince who listens with deaf ears to an advisor. I personally thank Mr. Smith for helping me test their strength as well as saving Mr. Wolf with what little honor a traitorious individual may have left in his black heart.
Please Mr. Smith, please feel free to contact me anytime.
Any services I provide to your city will now have a price, being as I am traitorious, and one would compair a traitorious individual to that of the sabbat. Perhaps my knowledge in the arcane and daemons has already damned and branded me as a Sabbat in your eyes. As they are traitorious to the cainite way of life. I do not meddle in your politics, as that will be your downfall. I provide a service, until now that service was free of charge. So as I read on a very interesting T-Shirt with my rebuddle to this traitorious act that I took apon myself to keep them on edge and rather not let them feel secure in their location. Shit happens. Deal with it. That is now on you Mr. Arrow. I guess Mr. Death will remain a mystery to and your ilk. Well now that specific information has a price tag. Hope you enjoy your security.

the Traitorious
Andrew Tate II
Regent of Clan Tremere

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Andrew Tate
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The "traitorious" Mr. Tate Speaks Empty Re: The "traitorious" Mr. Tate Speaks

Post  Mr. Smith on Thu Feb 12, 2009 1:16 pm

Regent Tate,please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Mr. Smith
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