The Clans of Pale Reflections

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The Clans of Pale Reflections

Post  Aelius on Tue May 06, 2008 5:54 pm

whats allowed...

Brujah Ideological revolutionaries and rebels, the ‘rabble’ serve their causes with passion.

Caitiff With no clan to call their own, most live on the fringes of kindred society fending for scraps and trying to stay alive.

Gangrel No city holds sway over the ‘outlanders’ who wander the wilderness and survive as vampiric predators among animals. Very few are Camarilla.

Malkavian The deranged ‘kooks’ claim a fractured insight into the workings of reality.

Nosferatu The hideous curse of blood warps the physical visage of each othe the ‘sewer rats’, but others respect and fear their mastery of hidden byways and secret knowledge.

Toreador Protectors of culture and promoters of art make up the ‘degenerates’, but they also include sycophants and pleasure seekers within their ranks.

Tremere Ruthless and insular, the ‘warlocks’ and their potent blood magi are untrusted, but grudgingly respected.

Ventrue Rulers of board room and battlefield, the ‘blue bloods’lead other kindred as their right and responsibility.

The following clans will be permitted but only with a background that astounds me.
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