Combination disciplines

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Combination disciplines

Post  Aelius on Tue May 06, 2008 5:58 pm

I have decided to allow them, on a case by case scenario. Iím doing this for a number of reasons, the prime one being that getting said power will most assuredly be a trying process that will shape your character. But Garth, how so? Well Timmy, itís like this.

ē Timmy comes up to me<aka God> and says ďMy character lives in the wilderness being a gangrel and all. But Iím having trouble with the lupines, so I want to try and develop a combination power that will prevent them from tracking me.

ē God<thatís me> nods and deems that itís not an unfair or overpowering thing so he then starts thinking. He then asks Timmy a few questions of how heís going about developing this power, and ďBy being really sneakyĒ does not encompass this description. Meanwhile God determines the powers game mechanics and cost, neither of which are told to Timmy.

ē Timmy puts in the time and comes up with a decent concept of how he will try and attain this power

ē God then sets up scenes, perhaps with some garou and a trial and error process. Basically God has been given a character development hook and can run a number of ways with it. Through the time Timmy is asked to spend experience here and there until the decided upon amount is reached

ē At the end of the God determined time Timmy is brought out and told that he has learned the power ďNatures RuseĒ, and the game mechanics of said power.

So yes, while combination powers can indeed be powerful, they also have restrictions in that you have to pay for them before you get them. On top of that, the player isnít really sure of what game mechanic the power will actually be, so itís somewhat of a risk. I will point out that I donít intend to pooch people who attempt this, I will ensure that the power is useful and grants some benefit though it might not be the exact same as requested.

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