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Post  Aelius on Tue Jun 10, 2008 1:51 pm

•Those of less Status are expected to listen, and answer questions in a respectful manner and tone.
•At all times those of less Status should be humble and courteous.
•If they wish to express a point of dispute, it should be in a polite, respectful fashion.
•Individuals should never question the demands or judgments of the Elder. But in turn need not be subservient only respectful.
•Younger vampires are required to give the benefit of the doubt to an Elder in any dispute.
•Status differences of only 1 point are usually ignored but should still be taken in to consideration.
•Talking back or disputing the word of one of significantly higher status is considered scandalous and will likely cost you a Permanent Status, if reputable word gets to the harpy.

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