Where's your Crown King Nothing

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Where's your Crown King Nothing

Post  Wolf on Fri Jul 18, 2008 3:15 pm

Edward Wall. You are fool with no status beyond what the kindred of this domain allow you to claim with your empty title. You are petty and a Tyrant of the first order. I for one cannot tolerate the disgrace that has been smeared across this fine domain by your actions and lack thereof. You had been granted a singular oportunity by the elders of my clan to have a hope of dealing with what you unleashed upon this domain. You were given fair warning by one with more actual status within the whole of the Camarilla, because unlike you my status was earned and is respected in every domain of the Camarilla save your own pathetic wreckage of a domain. It is your own incompetence that has wrought this situation. It is you that insulted the Brujah clan rather than negotiate a settlement for the betterment of your subjects.

I leave you to your ashes, to think I ignored the wisdom of my Elders to try to help this infernal hole.

Maybe I will find forgivness for my folly. You however deserve exactly what you have.

May you reign until the final judgement in these final nights King Nothing.

Roman Augustus Wolf
Admired, Praised, Trustworthy and Acknowledged in more Domains of the Camarilla than you will ever be.


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