The first of many edicts

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The first of many edicts

Post  Arthur Arrow on Sun Aug 31, 2008 9:51 pm

The following edicts are now in full effect.

1) I would like to warn everyone that a werebeast has been spotted outside of our domain. This beast abnormally large, and has bones protruding from it. I do not wish to give this beast any reason to enter our domain and thus: No kindred with the exception of Mr. Cole are permitted to enter the wild surrounding Saint John unless they are aiding, or have permission from, Mr. Cole.

2) I would like to announce to formation of a Coterie tasked with removing the demon from this domain. The members of this Coterie are Mr. Tate, Mr. Kone, Mr. Smith, and Mr. Yarrow. All kindred are expected to cooperate with this coterie, and approach these members with any information you have regarding this demon.
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