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Post  Aelius on Mon Sep 29, 2008 5:41 pm

Basically the month of October will be a 'real time' event. That means that the month of October which was part of the time jump will be played out throughout the month, so consider the game to have gone live in a sense and you can do scenes, or whatever else you would like. I'm hoping this will give everyone a chance to tie up loose ends, and perhaps be a bit more involved for the last month of the jump.

That being said I'll be looking to get a lot more in depth into plots and will no longer be running the loose 'over years' kinda things. So consider it a time where you can get more done as well, and focus on some short term goals.

From this point on I'll be doing scenes on a case by case basis and everything will happen in real time, so there will be no freezes and waiting for other players. If they aren't there, they aren't there. If you forgot to pick up milk on Monday then you'll have to get it on tuesday. There will be no holding scenes over from this point on.

That being said, there is one scene that will take priority over any others but it shouldn't affect much. Feel free to email, text, call, hunt me down and get anything yo uwant done. But remember, your influence use will no longer be so wide spread and you'll ahve to use it more carefully or find it busy the next time you call.

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