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Post  Arthur Arrow on Mon Nov 03, 2008 10:55 am

I have some important announcements to make:

First, Mr. Kone has breached the first tradition. He has released to the kine, a list of our names, and furthermore encouraged them to seek us out as part of a competition being held at the Jazz Hole. It is certain that this act was designed to raise our profiles amongst the kine, which by extension puts at risk our attempts to hide ourselves from mortal society. For this crime, Mr. Kone has been destroyed. It should also be known that Mr. Kone had some degree of demonic corruption, which I believe lead to his many outbursts against the Camarilla, Clan Toreador, and even his own childer.

Second, I am awarding Mr. York the status of Honorable for being the first to bring to my attention the actions of Mr. Kone, and his Jazz Hole competition.

Third, I am removing the two negative status of Traitorous, and Ignorant from Mr. Mauser. I believe that Mr. Mauser has been punished enough for the public outbursts he made. I would also like to point out, that Mr. Mauser has done much for our domain while he was banished. The justicarís have recognized this, and bestowed status on Mr. Mauser, and now I am recognizing this by removing his negative status.

I hope you had a pleasant Halloween.
Arthur Arrow
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