ANIMALISM, discipline

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ANIMALISM, discipline

Post  Aelius on Wed May 21, 2008 3:35 pm

O Feral Whispers ~ same as book.

OO Beckoning ~ same as book.

OOO Quell the Beast ~ same as book.

OOOO Subsume the Spirit ~ same as book.

OOOOO Swarm ~ By spending one blood trait and expending social traits as per the chart below the user may summon a swarm of animals to his protections, the swarm of animals is roughly 10 feet in diameter and the creatures upon arriving are sent into a frenzy of bloodlust attacking any who approach the user of this discipline. Those entering this area must succeed on a physical test or suffer damage according to the chart below. The swarm moves with you at all times until dismissed and can not be sent to attack a specific target. As well the user gets a free cover re-test against ranged combat while the swarm is active.
~ 2 social traits 5 physical, one damage / tiny / 1 round / 2 health levels
~ 4 social traits 7 physical, one damage / small / 2 round / 4 health levels
~ 6 social traits 9 physical, two damage / medium / 3 rounds / 6 health levels
~ 8 social traits 11 physical, two damage / medium / 3 rounds
/ 8 health levels

OOOOOO Embrace the Beast ~ Masters of animalism can control animals and even gain mastery over their own beasts, controlling it to a degree that lesser kindred can only dream of. With the expenditure of a social trait the user lets some of his beast to the surface. The user gains ferociousx2 and also wins all ties when defending against social or mental manipulation. While under the effects of this power the user is also treated as having the short fuse flaw. This power remains active for the duration of one scene or until the end of the first physical confrontation.

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